Patrick Patterson’s Ridiculous Bulldog comment about Black Women

Ok, setting aside the fact that the moderator of this particular you tube video is also a black male married to a non-black woman. Patrick Patterson was out of line calling black women bulldogs. Its time for black women to move on and be treated like the queens and princesses  that we are. This is a man who obviously has chosen against black women rather than choosing someone he is compatible with. He’s probably the type of black man who refuses to date black women because he has issues with us, but that’s vastly different than someone approaching dating to find compatibility rather than go out of their way to date something other than his own culture.For example: had he said this is someone who is a great match for me then I don’t think he would be facing the backlash and controversy. It’s sad that there are some black men who approach dating this way, in fact according to the Bureau of Statistics, black men actually engage in interracial dating more than 3 times as much as black women and this is not the first time that I have heard black men say they are approaching dating this way. I have chosen to be loved and appreciated. In my book, there’s a chapter, HoneyBrowne, this chapter is about the appreciation of black women. “HoneyBrowne is super-sweet, smooth, upscale, but not condescending. She walks with grace as she glides by with a smile on her face, confident in who she is.”