Why Every Black Woman Should Marry
A Jewish Man

A Book For All Women Looking for the Perfect "Alpha" Male

Interracial dating, Interfaith marriage, The Jewish Way of Dating (method of dating based on compatibility then letting the heart follow), Jewish Men make great fathers and husbands (discussion on the role of culture and upbringing on dating and relationship behavior as adults), How black men and interracial dating among black men and non-black women have contributed to the deterioration of the black family as well as low marriage stats in the African-American community.

The dating statistics are spread throughout the book such as, in 2000, 70% of black women have never been married. Successful, African-American women as well as Young Professional white women make great matches for Jewish Men. Both groups have discovered a deficit in their dating market which Jewish men seem to fit well.

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About the Author

It is my wish that every woman that reads this book finds her Prince Charming. The book spans dating advice, topics such as interracial dating, interfaith marriage, finding true love, the Jewish Way of dating, and applying faith in dating. I also discuss why Jewish men make fantastic husbands and fathers, so I spent a bit of time discussing the role of culture and upbringing on dating and marriage. I would like for people to share their interracial and interfaith marriage love stories on my website and blog. I want it to be a place to discuss sensitive topics openly, intelligently and compassionately especially in the current climate.

Why Every Black Woman Should Marry
A Jewish Man

A Book For All Women Looking for the Perfect "Alpha" Male

  • The Love Story

    How Michael and Nazaree met.

  • Toads & Non-Prince Charmings

    Nazaree’s Past Relationships before she met Michael.

  • When Bad Dates Happen To Good People

    A few of them “Mr. Hot Pants” “Super Player” “Beans and Alcohol”.

  • The Laundry List

    Heavy criticism of dating experts, Steve Harvey, Jimi Izrael, Liza Mundy, JJ Smith, Julia Boyd.

  • Dating Mr. "?"

    This chapter warns of dating based on “Potential” rather than reality. And to beware of the shiny new object because things are not always as they seem.

  • The Frog Theory

    Numbers in dating are unfortunately important.

  • The Chick On The Side

    How not to become The Chick On the Side when your dating pool is severely depleted.

  • Blame the Victim

    Black women are always blamed when we talk about the low marriage rates in the African-American community. I agree with Melissa Harris-Perry when she says that AA women should not always be blamed for these poor marriage rates. She says that it’s a community problem rather than a black female problem.

  • Why It's Time To Take A Dip In the Snow

    • The Jewish “Prince-Charming” & The Ketubah
    • Training in Manhood & The Bar Mitzvah
    • The Nurturing Jewish father
    • Jewish men value education, innovation and entrepreneurship
    • The Jewish Financier
    • The Jewish Method of Dating & The Path to Harmonius True Love
  • Don't Forget Who's Running the Show!!!

    Role of faith in dating 2 poems Window of Remembrance and The Season of Fine Artistry.

  • From Jungle Fever to It's a Wonderful Life

    Stats on increase in the number of interracial dating and marriage as well as interfaith marriage.

  • The Jewish Family

    • Jewish family values
    • The Jewish Mother
    • My First Bris Experience
    • The Jewish Mother-In-Law
    • Matzo Ball Soup and Pumpkin Muffins
    • High Tea
    • Neiman Marcus
  • The Benefits of Interracial Dating & Interfaith Marriage

    • Connection between AA’s and Jewish Americans
    • Overcoming Adversity and Marginalization
    • Strange but Funny Perks of Interracial Dating-Michael’s Happy Hour Friends 3 other parts include High holy days as well as other Jewish customs

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