Are we starting to see a change of the reality TV franchises, in particular the reality “Housewives” franchise moving from perpetuating negative stereotypes about black women to using the platform to show the appreciation of blackness?

After many years of portraying cat fights, arguments, altercations, hair-pulling, cursing etc. in reality tv shows, many times these shows often perpetuate negative stereotypes about black women. Its like the franchises “only like black women when we act like fools.” In the near past episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, (RHOP) two characters got into a fight in a wine vineyard restaurant. The entire incident turned into a despicable spectacle. It was reported in entertainment news and was of course all over social media. We fast forward to Real Housewives of New York (RHONY), where Eboni K. Williams, the first black cast member of RHONY, is attempting to show the public and cast an appreciation of black excellence and appreciation. During the Harlem Night episode of RHONY, Ebonie gave the cast some exposure to the Harlem Renaissance period.…/roaring…/harlem-renaissance . In giving the cast Harlem candles, she is providing an opportunity to show them another piece of history as well as spark curiosity so that others might want to read further about the era and the people who thrived during that time period. I realize that getting ratings is the priority for many of these reality tv franchises, but I would like to see more events similar to what we saw in the Harlem Night episode on such a vast platform.