Interracial dating, Interfaith marriage, The Jewish Way of Dating (method of dating based on compatibility then letting the heart follow), Jewish Men make great fathers and husbands (discussion on the role of culture and upbringing on dating and relationship behavior as adults), How black men and interracial dating among black men and non-black women have contributed to the deterioration of the black family as well as low marriage stats in the African-American community.

The dating statistics are spread throughout the book such as, in 2000, 70% of black women have never been married. Successful, African-American women as well as Young Professional white women make great matches for Jewish Men. Both groups have discovered a deficit in their dating market which Jewish men seem to fit well.

The author, a gifted writer but a pharmacist by trade, is surprisingly forthcoming in her combination memoir/how-to tomes whose title pretty much speaks for itself.

Kam Williams

Nazaree Hines Starr has the fortitude to write a book on the topic and interview on her book and belief that all black women should simply date and marry Jewish men.

I like that Hines-Starr includes the facts and stats about the numbers and education disparities between black men and women, as well as advocating that Black women should look outside the Black community for their mate.

Jacquetta Szathmari
Regular Black Woman

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