Only Ugly White Women Want Black Men?!!

Hey guys! had to comment on this post, the guy in this video is obviously hurt by comments or perhaps looks. We have all seen these kinds of mismatches and shook our heads and what he is saying is that it never occurs, which is puzzling to me on his part. In addition, the low self-esteem issues are often present in these situations. Look what people are referring to is when you see a mismatch! perhaps average bm with an unattractive white female. In my book, Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man, there’s a chapter in my book, From Jungle Fever to Its a Wonderful Life where I talk about a character, Trailer Park Tony, this type of black man is usually dependent on the white woman for funds……and the white woman is often pleasantly plump, sloppy, uneducated and unattractive in general…… Mr. Tyrone Magnus has posted this because he feels that he just might be in that category, but let’s be real these type of men are definitely out there!!