Do Black Women In Interracial Relationships Get More Criticism Than Black Men? Loni Love Thinks So

and so does Nazaree Hines-Starr!!

There has always been a double standard in our community when it comes to interracial dating. The black men can step out and nobody thinks twice about it, much less criticize them for doing it. They have in addition also engaged in it 2 to 3 times as much as black women, so I think its time for them to get off our backs!! its a double standard In my book there’s a chapter, Hypocritical Haters and the main character claims that he doesn’t care when black women date white men, but when he is confronted with interracial dating, he acts ignorant toward such couples with disgust written all over his face. He really nees to stop hating on the sistahs who decide to go the other way because he’s pissed off that he let the best one get away. He has some nerve because he often dates whit women and other non-black females…..