Chris Brown and the Men Who Think We’re Ugly (How Black Men Benefit from Colorism)

Chris had no shame when he sang the lyric, “I only want to fuck the black bitches with the nice hair.” I’ll save the comment about calling black women bitches for another day. Yes, Mr. Chris Brown should be ashamed of himself, but unfortunately colorism is a big problem in the aftrican-american community.  And since black women seem to be the only ones suffering from this problem, especially these days because black men find a way to benefit from these relationships with “other women” for example Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Well, the Chris and Kanye’s of the world remind me of a character in my book “High Profile”.  “High Profile” is secure in how he looks and is more concerned about having a so-called trophy or “snow queen/ice princess” on his arm. The problem with “High Profile” is that the relationships he forms are all about access, and what he can get out of being seen or connected with the woman that he is dating. I agree with the YouTuber, “do not stress yourself out about the people, who don’t want you. In 2019, we’re not stressing out about these raggedy men”. She is absolutely right, because they are raggedy if they cannot recognize the beauty in black women.