Black Women Share Their Challenges with Dating Black Men | Black Women OWN the Conversation | OWN

Sad to say this has been said many times before. In this discussion one black woman says that she doesn’t always feel the love from black men in dating. She went on to say that “I don’t feel like they’re always checking for us. Another woman stated that within the entertainment industry, they have fetishized exotic-looking women or “mixed” women and that this has somehow spilled over into dating preferences. I wholeheartedly agree with both women and for this reason I think we have to respond to this. In the chapter, “Honeybrowne”, I make the point that, Everyone is affected by what is shown in the media in terms of how they feel about beauty. But what is important is how we interpret that information and how it causes us to see ourselves. If we appraise ourselves through the media looking glass, then our beauty is defined by society. It is imperative that we define our own beauty