Black Women not viewed as Beautiful yet Again

Ari Lennox is absolutely correct, why are people so comfortable tearing down black women but not women from other races? My chapter entitled “HoneyBrowne” is dedicated to uplifting black women and seeing the vibrant spectrum of beauty of us. It’s sad that in this day and age that the standard of beauty remains Eurocentric and that notion has spilled over into the African-American community. We get enough criticism from society and the media, we shouldn’t be doing that to each other. Here’s an excerpt from my chapter, “HoneyBrowne”  On a personal note, when the public tears down black men, black women always come to defend them, but sadly we don’t see that reciprocated when the roles are reversed.  As a black man, journalist, K Austin Collins, should be ashamed of disrespecting black women. I’m sure we wouldn’t want someone saying these things about his mother or sister.