Black Women in a Cat Fight? Where’s the dignity?

After watching this episode of, RHOP, I was absolutely disgusted by the behavior displayed in that winery.  Furthermore, I was disappointed to hear Monique, tell her husband, “I don’t care about the image” when he told her that the fight was a despicable image to put forward. Monique’s attitude is the problem with some of these reality shows. As black women we already get a bad rap for being loud,combative etc. We need to present ourselves in a professional manner instead of tearing each other down and getting involved in physical/mental altercations.  While Gizelle says that “we have been able to keep ourselves above the stereotype and in five minutes she took it away”, the responsibility also falls on the rest of the cast as well in projecting positive images. I personally, would like to see the ladies get involved in more charity events and show a balance to some of the catty behavior displayed on the show.