Colorism is unfortunately affecting Marriage rates

I came across this article, Why dark-skinned black girls like me aren’t getting married, I was saddened to see the researchers results that stated that “Black men will say, ‘complexion doesn’t matter’, but they might give that lighter complexion woman who is very comparable to a darker-complexion woman a chance, when they wouldn’t give that darker-skinned woman a chance.” I believe that this is one of the factors that often cause black women to feel that they are not pretty, not worthy of a great partner. It is also a reason why many settle for less in the dating world. Well no more! In my book, Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man, I wrote a chapter, Honeybrowne and its about embracing the skin you’re in. One excerpt: Among women of color, the spectrum of complexion is vast but spectacular. There are so many fantastic shades of brown each of them unique and captivating. Some hues include chestnut browne, tan browne, coffee browne, caramel browne, chocolate browne, cinnamon browne….They are all some version of the delctable tint of HoneyBrowne!