Celebrities who abuse their platforms rather than make a positive difference

I am sick and tired of celebrities using their platforms to wreak havoc on the world. Mr. Ice Cube has proven that he is obviously not concerned with the problems with everyday people such as student loans, quality/affordable healthcare, mortgage debt, unemployment, and poverty just to name a few. Regardless of what happens he will be just fine. I think its pretty selfish and wreckless to cause damage that will harm others in one way or another. Rather than harming others how about using your celebrity platform to improve the lives of others, for example, Steve Harvey runs a camp which teaches young men about manhood, LeBron James adopted a school in Cleveland and has already proven to have a positive impact on children of color at that school. This wreckless behavior must stop, we already have enough things working against our community. we don’t need people especially from within the community adding to the problems.

Ice Cube defends working with Trump campaign amid backlash