Bashing me and my book

Ok, for all of the people out there bashing me and my book, WITHOUT reading it, take a look. The book is not a total criticism of all black men especially those over 50. There is clearly a generational gap with regards to manhood, but at the same time we have to ask ourselves why is our dating pool depleted with regards to a great number of men not being suitable mates.
My book’s chapter entitled Scumbag files and When Bad Dates happen to Good people are actually past relationships and dates. I think that all women
know that scumbags come in any shape, size, or color. I love my community but I think that it is time we examine why our marriage rates are so low and why 70% of our children
are being raised in single-headed households. These rates are appalling, our babies deserve better than that. And we also need to stop blaming black women for these low marriage rates, it is clearly not all of our fault.
Yes, my book is controversial, but my heart is in the right place. I sincerely hope that this book sparks the conversation that we need to have. All the dysfunctional activities that we have in our community such as
gang violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, poverty etc. can all be improved if we start with each family. Some may say that I am criticizing single parents, I am not saying that a single parent cannot raise a happy, well adjusted child, but we need to start learning to co-parent in the cases when the couple cannot stay together. As long as the child knows that they are not being abandoned they can flourish.